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Water Tower Square in Williamsport PA

Water tower square is the premier commercial building in Central Pennsylvania (PA)

A good neighborhood and amenities available play an important role in the selection of an office space, retail space or warehouse space. A well designed, modern rent space in a high traffic area with easy access to major roadways is considered a premium spot that will ensure the success of any business enterprise. Water Tower Square, Williamsport Pennsylvania offers top quality rent space in the heart of Central and Northeast Pennsylvania’s business district. Call us if you are looking for a location driven by the sheer energy of its many thriving businesses. Water Tower Square was founded in 1996 and has become a much sought-after commercial rent space in the past 13 years.

We have well-equipped and professional warehouse space, office space and retail space for you to conduct business operations smoothly.

Water Tower Square offers optimal space for offices, retail or warehouse with many services and amenities ideal for any commercial business. The office space equipped with 100% sprinkler coverage for total fire safety.

Water Tower Square offers Pennsylvania office space, commercial space, retail flex space, warehousing space and light industrial space to cater the national and local needs of commercial industries.


Underground Parking

Underground parking is coming soon! The underground parking lot will be safe, clean, and bright with new LED lighting throughout.

Free Parking

On-Site Free Parking

Our on-site campus like parking is lighted, safe, and has space for over 800 tennants. The parking is close to the riverwalk, and allows easy access to the building.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has chosen Water Tower Square as their flagship facility in the Central Pennsylvania Area. This fantastic gym offers the use of brand name cardio machines and strength equipment in a clean, stylish environment. This “judgment free zone” is known throughout the United States as a relaxing health club that doesn’t have the intimidating atmosphere so common in other gyms. Water Tower Square tenants and their employees can take advantage of this on-sight facility at an incredibly affordable rate.

24 Hour Security

24 Hour Security

Water Tower Square uses a state of the art security system that provides 24 hour access only to designated personnel. The electronic magnetic locks located at each entrance ensure complete safety. Only employees with an assigned radio key will be able to access the building during the building’s non-operating hours. Tenants can also use strict access control to the building and, in particular, their office with this key fab entry system. Complete entry and exit tracking is available, allowing businesses to record their employee traffic.

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Warehouse Space

Warehouse space at Water Tower Square is conveniently located 3 hours from 25% of the United States' population. Our fully sprinkled warehouse features has plently of loading docks and are temperature controlled.
The warehouse is build to suit from 10,000 to 80,000 sq. ft. and space is available immediately.


Our HVAC system is quite revolutionary. The climate control system consists of a GeoExchange system that uses treated effluent from the nearby municipal sewage treatment plant as the heat source and sink. Two plate frame heat exchangers interface the effluent with the building loop. Pumping energy is minimized through the use of variable speed drives on both the effluent pumps and building pumps.

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics

The building is fully networked with available sonnet ring technology, which provides a steady Internet connection with almost non-existent downtime. Water Tower Square, Pennsylvania also boasts fiber optics on site.



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